Without a doubt the ultimate destination for those who really just want to get away from it all. At about 250 kilometres distance from Cape Town, hidden in the rugged red-orange coloured landscape, lies a nature reserve that impresses us time and time again. The landscapes are grand and imposing, the vistas panoramic, and above all this is an area mainly untouched and visited by just a few. On this page you will find an overview of the Cederberg's top attractions.

south africa cederberg

The dry landscape surprises with immense open plains, spectacular waterfalls and deep ravines that are especially well visible when walking through the area. From the dirt road you would expect the incredible natural beauty that showvases itself when exploring on foot. The Cederberg is also an ancient hunting ground of the original inhabitants, the San. The reserve contains some of the finest examples of San rock painting, some of which are to be believed to be over 10,000 years old.

Probably the best feature of the Cederberg is that one of the world's best hotels can be found here. In Bushmanskloof private lodge the spa provides a haven for wellness and holistic healing. The warm and attentive service, delicious organic cuisine, breathtaking dining venues, superb facilities and excellent accommodation have gained Bushmanskloof international fame and awards. Being a guest in the lodge will let you discover the wonders of nature as you can choose from a range of outdoor activities. You can of course also choose to do nothing, and just inhale the beauty and indulge yourself in the peace and tranquility of the Cederberg

Our insider top tips in Cederberg:

Wellness in nature

welness south africa spa cederberg

Renew body and soul during your luxury South Africa holday and immerse yourself in relaxation and pampering offered at Bushmanskloof Lodge. Recharge yourself for the journey back home by visiting the excellent spa facilities. The professional therapists gladly recommend spa treatments that suit your needs best. There are several locations where treatments can be enjoyed: the spa inside the main building itself, or in the outdoors while gazing at the never ending landscape. The products used often originate from the vicinity of the lodge, think of rooibos or other flowers and plants. There is a complete treatment menu available so there's always something to pick that suits your preferences. After several days in Bushmanskloof you will feel truly reborn again.

Dining at the end of civilization

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This musy be the most special place in South Africa to enjoy dinner. A thirty minutes drive away from the man lodge of Bushmanskloof lies' "shepherd's cottage". It is situated in an isolated and remote location, and provides impressive views over the peaks of the Cederberg. Originally it was the home of shepherds, and has been renovated recently (fortunately it has not been modernised). The lighting is provided by candles and storm lanterns, together with a huge fireplace where food is prepared. The fireplace also provides warmth during the winter months. It is an unforgettable experience in all weather conditions: in the heart of rugged mountains, surrounded by thick walls and a large fireplace while enjoying a glass of wine and a delicious four course dinner this is exactly what we love - wilderness chic! On clear nights the sky makes a surreal sight. You may understand that it is no coincidence that this experience can be found as number one of our South Africa top 10.

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Did you know?

rock art south africa cederberg

The Cederberg area -with its caves and rocks- proved to be the perfect place for creating fine rock art by the original inhabitants? The age of the painting varies between 300 and 6000 years old. They are a valuable part of the area its history and we therefore stronly advise having a look when you stay in the area.

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