South Africa car renral terms & conditions

A category C rental car (VW Polo Classic/Toyota Corolla) is included in our complete itineraries. For terms and conditions please read this page. You can choose to upgrade your rental car. Please be aware: an international driver's license is compulsory for all drivers.

For those travellers that wish to create their own luxury South Africa holiday by making use of our modules, simply add the costs of a rental car. For daily rates see our car rental South Africa page.

Included in South Africa car rental rates:
- unlimited mileage;
- no excess collision damage waiver;
- no excess theft insurance ;
- personal accident insurance;
- 14% VAT;
- South Africa map.

Not included in South Africa car rental rates:
- additional driver charges: ZAR 190 (2011) per rental period;
- one way fee; surcharge for dropping off a rental car on a diffent location than where it picked up: ZAR 550
- fuel: approximately ZAR 9 per litre;
- delivery at your hotel: ZAR 220 (office hours within 25 kilometre radius;
- contract fee: ZAR 50 per rental period;
- traffic fine administration fee: ZAR 250 per occurence;
- damage or collision administration fee: ZAR 550 per occurence;
- safety deposit: ZAR 2000 per rental period;
- costs of hire of extra equipment (car seat or extra spare wheel;
- water damage is not included in the collision damage waiver;
- damage to tyres, wheelhubs, all windows and undercarriage is not included in the collision damage waiver;
- cross border fees (Swaziland ZAR 800 per rental car).

All car rentals include third party coverage, taxes (14%) and full SCDW (supercover collision damage waiver) coverage and theft coverage (Super Theft Loss Waiver) without excess. PAI insurance (personal accident insurance) is always included in rental rates. Comprehensive insurance terms and conditions are available at the rental office. Be sure to request your copy when you pick up your car. Your insurance does not cover damage which is the result of actions prohibited in the terms and conditions of the rental agreement (such as driving under influence etc). Damage to tires, windows, the bottom of the car and water damage is always at your own expense. Traffic fine handling fees cost ZAR 220 per occurrence, damage handling fees cost ZAR 550 per occurence (even when you have fullcover insurance).

Rental car category 
As is the case all over the world, car rental reservations are made based on category and not on make or model of the car. The makes and models featured on the site are examples of possible rental cars. If the category requested isn't available, you'll receive an upgrade at the same rental rate. Upgrades are possible on location, a surcharge based on local rates will be payable upon pick-up of the car.

Petrol costs approximately ZAR enzine kost circa ZAR 9 per litre and is quite affordable. Remember to fill up on petrol whenever possible (especially in remote areas). Petrol stations only accept payment in cash in Rand. Your rental car will have a full tank at pick-up and when you drop it off, the tank should be full as well.

Additional drivers
All drivers must be mentioned on the rental agreement. Adding an extra driver costs ZAR 220 per rental period.

Oneway fee
Many rental companies charge a one-way fee: this is a surcharge that must be paid in the event that you drop off your car at a location other than the pick-up location. These fees must be paid on location and are therefore not included in the price of your trip. The costs are ZAR 550 per rented car. .

Contract fee
There is an additional tax in South Africa that must be paid for car rental agreements. This fee is not included in the price of your trip and amounts to ZAR 45.

Delivery fees
Instead of picking up your car at the airport or city branch, you can also choose to have the car delivered to your hotel. Your hotel should be located within a 25 klometre radius of any rental station. Delivery of the car costs ZAR 235 (office hours) or ZAR 400 (weekend, after hours and public holidays). Staying outside the 25 kilometre radius? You will be charged an extra ZAR 9 per kilometre driven.

Additional facilities
We recommend renting a baby- or cheldren's seat when travelling with young children. The cost of renting a baby- or children's car seat is approximately ZAR 450 per rental period. Car seats for children are required by law for children under the age of two.

Payment and safaty deposit
When you pick up your rental car a safety deposit of ZAR 2000 (per rental period) will be blocked on your credit card. This amount will not be charged to your credit card immediately. However, as a deposit, a charge slip will be made from your credit card by a representative of the rental company when they deliver your car to your hotel or when you pick up a car at the rental location. The credit card slip will be returned to you, unprocessed, once you've returned the rental car in good condition.

Please note: You'll receive your car with a full tank. Make sure you return the car with a full tank as well. Otherwise the rental company will fill up at more expensicve rates that will be deducted from your credit card.

Minimum age 
You must have been in possesion of your driver's license for at least one year. This also applies for any additional drivers. The minimum age requirement for both drivers and additional drivers is 23 years. Drivers younger than 23 years pay a young driver's surcharge at ZAR 200 per rental day.

You must present a valid identification document when renting a car. You also need to show your UK driver's license, an international driver's license, plus present a credit card (for payment of extra costs and safaty deposit).

Rental period 
The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours). If you also intend visiting one of the surrounding countries (Swaziland for instance) the minimum rental period is five days. The longer you rent a car, the lower the daily rate will be.

Rental stations 
There a many rental stations throughout South Africa, but also in surrounding countries. The most important rental stations for your luxury South Africa holiday are located in (both airport and city branches): Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, Pretoria, Nelspruit en Phalaborwa.

Pick up & drop off
You can pick up your rental car at all offices during opening times. Please respect the indicated times on your rental agreement. If you return your car later than agreed you'll pay the equivalent of the daily local rental rate. In order to avoid any uncertainties about your credit card bill for your car rental, we suggest having your bill calculated for you upon return of your car to the rental office. Ask for a copy of the final invoice and be sure to check this amount when you receive your credit card statement.

Space for baggage is always limited, especially in smaller cars. It is better to bring duffel bags on wheels instead of hard shell suitcases.

When necessary your car will be replaced. It may occur that the replacement car is of a different category than the car initially rented.

All rental cars are inspected on a regular basis and repaired when necessary.

Speed limits
The maximum speed on motorways is 120 kilometre per hour, on smaller roads 100 kilometre per hour and 60 kilometre per hour in urban areas. Always keep a close eye on your speedometer, not only for the sake of obeying speed limites, but also for your safety. In rural areas it is quite common that liverstock crosses the road unexpectedly. Speed limits are strictly enforced in South Africa.

In case of emergency
A 24-hour emergeny telephone number is available. This number can be found on your rental agreement. The rental company has a road assistance service (Netcare 911) that can provide assistance when needed. Use of this service is at your own expense. Medical Rescue International (MRI) is included in the price of your trip.

Information subject to change
All information on rates, insurance premiums and terms and conditions is subject to change (for instance due to changes in local laws and regulations) without prior notice by the rental office. Detailed terms and conditions relating to the rental agreement will be given to you when you pick up your car.

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